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Shop » Home Automation » Double Gang Mi|Home Light

uc1 ng2057 fs16 **Suit able for Dim mable LED, Halogen an d Incandesc ent Bulbs, up to 5 bul bs per circ uit (not exceeding 250W total) **NOT suit able for Flu orescent, C FL or Non- Dimmable L ED bulbs r Our smart t wo-gang lig ht switch i s the perfe ct way of i ntegrating smart contr ols in to t he fabric of your smart home. Wit h one switc h you can c ontrol all the lighting in a singl e room. The two-gang s witch can a lso be used to control lights in t wo areas of your house , allowing you to cont rol hall an d landing ghting. In 5 finishes including white it ca n be retro fitte d to replace you r existing switches to create the right ambi ence in any roo m. Compatible with Amazo n Alexa, Go ogle Home and I FTTT, you c an also use the MiHome smart home app to easi ly control your light switc hes from yo ur device r emotely usi ng geofenci ng, timers and trigger s, If prefe rred, you c an also use the MiHom e Remote Co ntrol to in dividually c ontrol each switch. r The Switch es comes in five finish es: White, Black Nickel, Gra phite, Poli shed Chrom e and Brush ed Steel so you can sty lishly coor dinate them with your home Take control of your lighting an d bring you r home to l ife with Mi Home e s popular range of sm art home ghting prod ucts. Preferred T echnical In formation w ould be: Rating: 220 - 240V~ 50 Hz, 1A - 250W Max with Incan descent an d Halogen B ulbs - 5- 50W for Di mmable LED bulbs - Terminal Connection s: L, S, L1 (for switch 1), Lx, L2 (for switch 2)\ par - Radio: 43 3.92MHz IS M short ran ge; OOK, si m
  • CODE: MIHO072

Terminal connections: L, L1, SLAVE

Energenie recommends using dimmable LED bulbsModel: MIHO009, MIHO071, MIHO072, MIHO073

Radio frequency: 433.92MHz

Transmission range: 30m (in open area)

Rating: 220-240V 50Hz, 1A, 250W

Available from leading retailers

MIHO009 User Guide v1.0

light compatibility chart web

MIHO009 User Guide v1.0

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