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  • Student Housing
    is a smart home
    Working with student
    accommodation providers
    to reduce energy consumption
    and meet net-zero goals

Energenie system

  • Allows control and monitoring of heating; lighting and power with additional automation from motion and temperature sensors
  • Customisable software and front-end
  • 25 year supply chain relationships
  • Currently processing circa 1.5 Billion data points a month
  • All data resides in the EU
Mi|Home System Diagram
Mi|Home System Diagram Key

Example of customer dashboards

HQ view


Site view

Site view

Room/Block view

Room / Block view

Typical savings in a multi-level accommodation block

  • Max saving achieved by using full MiHome controls: 25%
  • Average saving achieved using MiHome controls: 19%
  • Minimum saving achieved: 12.2%
  • Average hardware costs per living unit: £88

Energy savings will pay for the hardware in only one year

Accommodation block layout with controls

4 key drivers and outcomes



Reduce energy consumption by up to 25%



Energy data insights and results to measure against net zero targets and understand building performance



Improving comfort and occupant experience

Asset protection

Asset protection

Add value, and allow your assets to retain their value in the long term

How can we help you?

What are your frustrations around current energy spend and budget?

How have you previously tried to reduce spend on energy bills?

What green ambitions do you have as a business; are these already a measure of success, or set to become so?

How could your business use data and insights around energy consumption and building insulation performance?

Would your business benefit from automation within your dwellings, consider security, safety and wellbeing of residents and protection of your assets?

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