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Shop » Home Automation » Mi|Home Smart Motion Sensor

The Motion Sensor is part of the Mi|Home home automation range. This allows you to monitor movement in your home.
  • CODE: MIHO032

-Battery life: 1 year - assuming 50 actions per day

-Operating temperature: -10C to +35C

-Radio: 434.3 MHz, FSK

-Transmission range: 30m+ (open space)

-Detection: Body heat via Passive Infrared (PIR)

-Sensitivity: Link setting 1-2 bridged: high

-Link setting 2-3 bridged: high

-Detector range: 2.5m at a mounting height of 2.3m

-Power supply: 1.5V(AA alkaline battery)

Available from leading retailers

MIHO032 Motion Sensor User Guide v1.3 outlines

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