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Shop » Home Automation » Mi|Home Smart Plugs 3 Pack

- This product receives commands from the Mi|Home gateway and does not send a confirmation of action back to it. - Mi|Home adapters can be controlled via the Mi|Home app or web browser using our Mi|Home Gateway. - The adapters can also be used with our other features such as timers. - As well as timers the Sockets can be controlled with IFTTT, this allows you to turn them on using the weather, ESPN, facebook to name but a few. It also means they can be used in conjunction with the Phillips Hue and Nest. - This product is a three pack of adapters
  • CODE: MIHO002

Technical Information

- Range: 30m in open area

-Standby power consumption: 0.5W +/- 0.1W

- Tx duty cycle: 10%

- Router Port: 9998

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MIHO002 Quick Start Guide V2.2

User Guide

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