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uc1 ng2057 0 Enjoy a n Easy Life with Remot e Control P lugs H owever we a rrange our rooms, plug sockets ar e often in hard to reach pl aces. Now with our re mote control plu gs you don' t need to ut your bac k out tryin g to get to them . Remote c ontrol plugs from Energ enie have a full 30m range and high radio f requency w hich means you don't e ven need a clear line of sig ht to turn off energy wasting ap pliances. / Save Yo urself the B ackache \ b Perfect for those with mobility is sues remote con trol plugs m ean you do n't need to worry abou t household items being left on ov ernight and they are e asy to flic k back on in the morning. Pu rchase one of our easy to use rem ote control s to go with you r remote co ntrol plugs and you'll neve r need to w orry about crawl ing behind the TV or s ofa again. Save Mo ney and Kee Your Hom e Safe Leaving appliances such as yo ur TV and c omputer on standby mo de over nig ht can acco unt for 10% of your en ergy bill, but with ing enious devi ces such as remote con trol plugs you c an make su re that eve rything is s witched off properly. This means you can make in stant savin gs on your household b ills by pur chasing our remote con trol plugs. It's not ju st money sa ving you should consider; n ot all hous ehold items are designed to be left on at night a nd are actu ally potential f ire hazards . These inc lude tumble drye rs, microwa ves and ph one charger s. Why tak e the risk when with remote con trol plugs y ou could tu rn everythi ng off, has sle free. Buy Rem ote Control Plugs Onlin e Today So if r emote cont rol plugs sa ve you time , money an d keep your home safe what are you wai ting for? Visit us online to day or give us a call on 0844 412 7923 to fi nd out mor e. Contain s one socke t and no re mote. {
  • CODE: ENER002
General: br / Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz br / Range: 30m in open area br / Socket: br / Voltage: 220 - 250v ac 50Hz br / Maximum current: 13A br / Maximum load: 3kW br / Range: 30m in open area br / br / Range: 30m in open area br / Standby power consumption: 0.5W +/- 0.1W
RoHS compliant Approved to the appropriate parts of BS5733, BSEN 60730, ETSI EN300220

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