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Shop » Home Automation » MiHome Gateway with 5 Smart Plugs

Enjoy comfort, convenience and peace of mind with MiHome Smart Plugs from Energenie. This 5 pack of smart plugs includes the MiHome Gateway to start your smart home journey. Simply download the free MiHome App and follow the instructions to connect the Gateway to your broadband router. Next, taking the smart plugs one at a time, simply add them in the App and give them a friendly name such as Coffee Machine, Bedside Light or Hair Straighteners. Your devices, lamps and appliances can now be controlled from your smartphone. If you have a Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice assistant you can enable the MiHome skill and use voice to command your devices, just say Alexa, turn on bedside light for example. Set Geofencing so your devices automatically turn off when you leave the house. Set timers so that your lamps come on when you are not at home to simulate occupancy. Turn off the kids TVs and Games consoles when its time for sleep and many, many more uses!
  • CODE: MIHO105

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