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The case

Enterprises are under pressure to maximise the business value of the assets they employ or make using digital technologies. They also often have fractured inflexible IT infrastructures particularly within the health sector. A solution was needed that enabled Iotic to power connected digital ecosystems.

The solution

Iotic are partnering with MiHome, using our leading smart home technology as part of two trials in the Health sector. MiHome’s informative smart home technology hardware is being used to collect data about the wellbeing of patients and feeding the data into their Iotic space.

‘Iotic helps make dumb machines smart by creating intelligent digital twins of connected IoT devices and the wider data estate using a cloud-hosted middleware [environment]...What they deliver is something often regarded as impossible: IoT security coupled with open interoperability. Imagine different platforms, services, networks and devices securely interrelating with public and private third-party sources’
Davey Winder - IoT for Business, The Times

For further information contact us or visit: https://www.iotic-labs.com

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