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Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket
Switch the socket on and off
using SMS messaging from
you mobile phone using any
PAYG or contract sim card
Supplied with plug-in
temperature sensor for
automatic operation
by preset upper / lower
temperature thresholds
Automatic control using
built-in daily / weekly clock
Technical Specifcation
-- Voltage: 100-250V AC 50Hz
-- Output: maximum 16A
-- Manufactured to BS5733
-- Automatic time and date
-- Supplied with built-in
BS1363 plug/socket
-- 7/7 Hybrid Schuko version
Appliance Power Meter
Measure the energy use and
costs of running your
household appliances
Lower your energy bill and
reduce carbon emissions
Discover which appliances are the
worst energy offenders and then
work out ways to limit their use
Technical Specifcation
-- Voltage: 240V AC 50Hz
-- Maximum current: 13A
-- Maximum load: 3120W
-- Typical power
consumption: <0.5W
-- Internal rechargeable,
non-replaceable battery
Power Meter Plug Adapter
Power Meter Plug with
USB, LAN or WLAN interface
Provides insight into your
energy consumption (voltage/
Power Meter Plug software
provides basic power
consumption readings (home
use) and advanced readings
(business/scientifc use)
Technical Specifcation
-- No permanent computer
connection required
USB Meter
-- Stores 24h of energy
consumption data in the
internal memory
LAN Meter
-- Accessible from anywhere
within your LAN
WLAN Meter
-- Accessible from anywhere
within your WLAN