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LED PIR-Floodlight
Low energy LED foodlight with
quality confgurable PIR sensor
suitable for outdoor use
Available in 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W,
80W and 100W versions
Choice of colours: warm, cool and
natural light
Dali LED-Bay LED Lighting System
The LED-Bay LED system is a highly
effcient and highly adaptable lighting
system that can be used to replace
all types of internal bay lighting,
including Son, Metal Halide and
Fluorescent luminaries
High light output – up to 20,000
lumens per luminaire and low
maintenance – 60,000 hrs lamp life
Suitable for warehousing, hangers,
production/manufacturing, storage
and warehousing, cold stores
Technical Specifcation
-- Input power: 30W
-- Service life: > 30,000 Hours
-- Dimmable: No
-- Beam Angle: 150°
-- Light ouput: 1800-2300 lm Low Energy
LED, warm, cool and natural 2600-
7000K colour temperatures on request
Technical Specifcation
-- Voltage: 110-240V AC 50Hz
-- Max Load: 245 watts
-- Dimming control options: DMX, Dali
and 0-10V controllers
-- Light source: 195x 2W Luxeon Rebel
high power LEDs
-- Light output:
cold white (6000-6500K) 19,600 lm
natural white (4500-5000K) 18,375 lm
-- Beam angle: 120°
-- Service life: 60,000 hours
-- Size: 540 x 518 x 355mm
-- Fixing: chain suspension
-- Housing: black powder coated steel
LED Low Bay / High Bay Pendants
Low energy LED pendant luminaires suitable for
both high and low-ceiling applications such as halls,
shopping areas, warehouses and amenity areas
Long-life, easy-ft and low maintenance
Choice of colours: pure white or warm white
Available in 20W or 30W
ENER214 Technical Specifcation
-- LED colour: pure white (5500K) or
warm white (3500K)
-- Material: die cast aluminium alloy
-- Finish: anodized
-- Power consumption: 60W
-- Beam angle: 76°
-- Dimension: 337mm x 265mm
-- Service life: > 40,000 hours
ENER212 Technical Specifcation
-- Power consumption: 20W, 30W
-- LED colour: pure white (5500K) or
warm white (3500K)
-- Material: die cast aluminium alloy
-- Finish: anodized
-- Beam angle: 92°
-- Dimension: 340mm x 240mm
-- Service life: > 40,000 hours
Low Bay ENER212
High Bay ENER214