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Pioneers in energy management
Did you know that modern LED lighting can save up to 85% on running cost and
maintenance? LED lighting is durable, long-life, highly-effcient and ever improving
without the disadvantages of the prevailing lighting technologies.
Energenie also designs and manufactures clever energy-saving products for businesses,
organisations, schools, hospitals and homes. Our philosophy is to provide convenient
and innovative products and solutions that also save you money. 
A unique range
Energenie’s Power Management products are ideal for use with computers, monitors,
scanners and printers, audio visual systems and many other appliances.
For instance, the Energenie Power Management System enables the user to programme
the controlled sockets via a computer interface that can be switched off at certain times
and under certain criteria.
Products in our Automatic Power Shutdown range learn the standby power level of an
appliance and switch it off automatically when in standby.
Our Rundown Timers provide peace of mind through a simple yet effective solution
for switching off electrical appliances at variable timings including 5 minutes, 30 minutes
or 1 hour of inactivity.
Discover more
Recent additions to our highly popular product range of adapters and extension
leads include a remote controlled Smart Radiator Valve, Remote GSM Controlled
Power Socket and a range of high quality LED lighting solutions for commercial
and domestic applications. 
We are also always looking to create new innovative products, and would welcome
your thoughts and suggestions.
To fnd out more about our products and solutions visit
Energenie is recommended and certifed by the Energy Saving Trust.
All Energenie products are CE marked and comply with safety and other regulatory
requirements according to the appropriate UK and European standards and directives.
Power Management System
ISO 9001 accredited